The Ancient Writings of David Allen


Ricky Spears has spent some time to develop a list of old writing by the GTD guru David Allen. All those articles are removed from the site but Ricky retrieved it from From the articles, you will see how David’s work evolved into his books:

…I was too tired yesterday afternoon to do “real” work so I decided to take a little time off and do a little “panning for gold” over at the stream that runs behind the Internet Archive. All in all, I found the titles of 115 “Food for Thought” articles. I was able to discover the complete text of 54 of the articles in the Internet Archive and the complete text of another on the 3M Meeting Network. I searched several places on the web for the missing articles but didn’t turn up anything on any of the others. I’m most surprised that apparently no one ever posted one of David’s newsletters to UseNet…

The Ancient Writings of David Allen – [Ricky’s RAM Dump]

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