Frank at Dumb Little Man blog has shared their 20 tips on how he got ahead and being promoted within his company. He raised couple of good points in there, but I feel there are couple of points that are irrelevant to his promotion:

– I will be the guy to speak out with new ideas in meetings. If it’s going to save money or increase revenues, I will never be out of line.

– I will finish everything I start. I am not going to mentally bail on a project.

Those are quite good advices, but those are also advices for “how to be an outstanding employee”.

– I will work and think as if I were the SVP of my IT group. This will include how I interact in meetings, with co-workers in the hall, etc. This will train me for the future.

– If I ever decide I don’t like the company I work for, I will still act like the SVP because that is the position I want. I will not become a complaining, gossiping troll because my reputation will follow me.

I wonder how will it works if you pretend to be a SVP but people know you aren’t one.

From the good tips that I see on the list, it spells out a sentence for me: “to be a good employee”. If you are a good employee and suitable to take more responsibilities, you will be recognized and get promoted, if your department’s budget allows.

The 20 tips that got me an IT promotion – [Dumb Little Man]

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