Tory Johnson says if you look up the clock – it’s 2pm and you are thinking of ways to make it quicker, you definitely are not enjoying your work time. She gives out couple of ways to transform yourself to enjoy your work hours more.:

– Have a candid conversation with your boss about taking on more challenging assignments that inspire you to work harder.
– Spend time with colleagues who love their jobs rather than the ones who complain constantly. Enthusiasm is contagious, but so is negativity.
– Take your lunch break. Lots of times we feel like we are too busy to step away from the desk, but taking time for lunch will both break up the day and recharge you when you get back to work.

The quickest way to pass the day is to get into the flow and get things done. If you’re so productive and busy on the job, you won’t even think about the time.

The 2 P.M. Test: Make Your Work Day Shorter

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