Ten Things You Can Do Today to Jump-start Success


Best tool for the Job has a post regarding ten tips that can make you success on your life. They are tips for many different aspects of life including motivation, goal setting, note taking, sleep pattern etc. For instance, I like the goal setting tips:

Make goals and re-write them every day. Your goals will change, don’t worry about making goals that right now feel unattainable or baseless. The hardest part of making big goals is starting. Start by recording between 5 and 10 changes you’d like to make or milestones you’d like to reach within the next three years and re-write the goals, along with a brief note of your current progress every day. Save the lists of goals as you go so you can see how they evolve and you progress. This idea is by no means unique to me, but I do it and I know it works.

Ten Things You Can Do Today to Jump-start Success – [Best Tool for the Job]

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