Ten Rules for Web Startups


Evan Williams at EvHead has a good post on how to launch a successful web startups by using ten rules. His track record speak for itself on this – he was co-founder and CEO of Pyra Labs, makers of Blogger. Ten (well, actually eleven) rules from him are:

  1. Be Narrow
  2. Be Different
  3. Be Casual
  4. Be Picky
  5. Be User-Centric
  6. Be Self-Centered
  7. Be Greedy
  8. Be Tiny
  9. Be Agile
  10. Be Balanced
  11. (bonus!): Be Wary

Very good overview. Be Different is probably something that make a web startup stands out – sometimes an idea with a twist will have this effects.

Ten Rules for Web Startups – [EvHead]

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