Ten Easy Ways to Improve Your Resume


Katharine Hansen has pointed out some important tips for improving a resume. Resume is the first thing that presents yourself for a job – it is important to get it clear and reader-friendly. Katharine suggested ten practical tips for significant improvements on your resume:

  • Use a bulleted style to make your resume more reader-friendly.
  • Follow “The Resume Ingredients Rule.”
  • Eliminate “responsibilities” words from your resume vocabulary.
  • Eliminate clutter from your resume.
  • Use strong, concrete verbs to describe your jobs, and don’t mix noun and verb phrases.
  • Focus on describing past job activities that highlight the skills you most like to use and want to use in your next job.
  • Don’t fret about the one-page resume rule.
  • Make sure your resume has a sharp focus.
  • Don’t list too much experience on your resume.
  • Be sure the reader will understand all the acronyms and jargon you use in your resume.

I concur on Make sure your resume has a sharp focus. When i scan candidate’s resumes, I am looking for keywords, especially objective statement or summary if they mentioned. Those will save employer’s time and able to highlight your skills or experiences in a pool of candidates.

Be sure to read each of the explanation by Katharine on each points from the post.

Ten Easy Ways to Improve Your Resume – [Katharine Hansen]

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