Ten Digital Photography Tips


Derrick Story, author of Digital Photography Pocket Guide, has just revised his great article on Digital Photography. His expert advice is that you can make great photos with simple digitial camera with some custom adjustments. There are ten tips that he suggested:

Photo Sunset
  • Warm Up Those Tones
  • Sunglasses Polarizer
  • Outdoor Portraits That Shine
  • Macro Mode Madness
  • Horizon Line Mayhem
  • Massive Media Card
  • High Rez All the Way
  • Tolerable Tripod
  • Self Timer Fun
  • Slow Motion Water

The Sunglasses Polarizer tip is so cool. If you are shooting outdoor, try to use your sunglasses and use them off as polarizing filter. Put your sunglasses as close as possible to the lens. It gives a richer, more saturated colors on the picture. Try it out!

Top Ten Digital Photography Tips – [Derrick Story @ O’Reilly]

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