Template: Goal Setting Toolkit

Daily Goal Card

Many of you may set couple of goals at the beginning of the year. How do you keep track and remind yourself to stay on track? Try to keep them in your wallet. Success Being Today offers a set of wallet size template for keeping your goals near you. Take them anywhere, read them and keep it in mind. It has 9 different type of templates for different needs. My favorite one is the daily goal card:

The Daily Goal Card: Once you have the other goal cards completed the daily goal card is an easy reminder of what needs to be done TODAY. This is a great card to keep with you at all times. Put it on your desk where you can see it. Take it with you in the car. If you see it… you will remember it! This is a great card to print multiple copies of.

The design is pretty simple, but clean and effective.

Thanks David for the tips!

Goal Setting Toolkit – [Success Begins Today]

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