Teach yourself speed-reading techniques


Keith Drury has written a quick notes on his speed-reading techniques. I think everyone will agree that speed reading is very useful for our life because we can learn more stuff in less time. His advices are really good (and summarized as well). He talks about some reading myths, preparation, rapid reading techniques and retention techniques. Here are some tips for speed reading:

  • Raise your speed comfort level
  • See the book as a mine full of ORE not GOLD
  • Quit Subvocalizing
  • Use your finger
  • Break the Back-skip habit
  • Use your peripheral vision
  • Learn to read KEY WORDS
  • Eliminate “Bus Stops” (Eye rests)
  • Take breaks
  • Set a time goal

Thanks Mark for the link!

Speed-Reading Techniques – [Keith Drury]

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