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TaskToy is a new task management web system which is inspired by the book Getting Things Done by David Allen. It try to keep the simplest interface (You will see it is a very basic interface) but it does a pretty good job. It has context lists, project lists and quick links. Also it has features like:

– A Homepage. Task lists are useless unless you look at them regularly. This meant that it would need to load quickly, have a clean design, a Google search box and customizable links.

– Place dependent lists. If I’m at work, I only want to see things that I can do at work. Same thing at home. The site needs to know where I am.

– Time dependent tasks. Tasks should appear only when necessary and not clutter up my lists in the meantime.

– Low resistance. One click to add to the current list. Two clicks to add to a different list. A screen where I can paste in several items at once.

– Repeating tasks. I need to be reminded to move my car for street sweeping, and that it’s been two weeks since I last vacuumed. I used this feature in Outlook and I wanted it in tasktoy also.

– Lists of “whenevers”. I’m often at work when someone mentions a restaurant or a book. I wanted to add these quickly and easily but have them not show up on my to-do lists.

– Simple project management. Sometimes I have a list of things that need to be done in order. There’s no point putting an item on my to-do list until the previous items have been completed.


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