Talent vs. Practice


Practice makes perfect, or raw talent means everything? This is the question that pops up in my mind in a while when interviewing candidates, and look at the direction of my career.

A article called, Talent vs. Practice references couple of researches and experiments on topics of experts do they born with more natural talents, or they are just practice more than other average people?

K. Anders Ericsson found high level of improvement can be achieved by deliberate practice. This is an interesting concept:

“A lot of people like to do things that they’re already good at, but what deliberate practice says is you need to find those things that you are weak at and that there’s room for improvement and that’s the activity you should focus on,” Ericsson says.

The superiority of an expert is they are able to find areas for improvement and focus your time and efforts practicing and improving those areas.

This single tip could help millions of people breaking out from the average on any field. What do you think?

Talent vs. Practice – [ScienCentral]

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