Tag your task in Outlook


For Outlook users, do you want to add a tagging system in your task list? Michael Sippey is kind enough to provide his custom form in Outlook with tag fields. This is useful if you are used to free form metadata:

Outlook Tag Custom Form

Use Outlook? Love keeping todo lists, but hate the default task entry screen UI? Following some version of the gtd mantra, and foregoing due dates for hard scheduled calendar landscape? In love with tags, and your seemingly endless desire to apply free form metadata to small snippets of text?

Then this is for you. I hereby present the most streamlined task entry form ever. Now with tags!…

The post hasn’t tell you how to install the form, so here are the instructions:

  • Change “Look in” to “User Templates in File System”
  • Press Browse
  • Browse to the folder that the .oft file is located and Press Okay

Once you have opened the form, go to Making the custom form available to create new items in this document for more information on how to publish and make it as the default form.

Download the custom form in the link below.

Tag your tasks! – [sippey.typepad]

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