Ta-da List Greasemonkey script

Tada list Greasemonkey script

I like Ta-da List, but one of the things that it lack of is the nagivation system that does not up for scratch. Rich Manalang has the similar issue on it, but he went ahead and use Greasemonkey to add on todo menu on the right hand side of the page, which really spice up the usability:

The one I found to be of most use to me is Ta-Da List. It’s a super simple web based to-do list. However, it’s almost too simple in that it lacks some usability features that could make it more useful. The one thing that pains me is the number of clicks needed to switch between lists. 37 Signals, the company behind Ta-Da List could have made its service more usable. However, that might defeat their goal of up-selling Backpack or Basecamp to its users.

So, I decided to take matters into my own hands. With a bit of Greasemonkey‘ing around I came up with a user script that enhances Ta-Da List so that switching between lists is a bit easier.

I like this Greasemonkey script a lot :) Thanks Rich! I have now added it to my long lasting post on Greasemonkey and put this script to Rank #2!

Ta-da List Greased Up! – []

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