O’Reilly Media puts out a great podcast series called Distributing the Future. They cover the technology you use and the people behind it. This week’s episode talks about summer projects, and it was really inspiring. Have you thought about what you might do differently as summer approaches?

Are you looking for something fun or interesting to do this summer? This week, we begin with an interview with Julieanne Kost, whose pictures from airplanes are published in the book Window Seat. Then Google’s Chris Dibona talks to us about the upcoming second Summer of Code. Finally, Dale Dougherty reads from his article in Make magazine on Natalie Jeremijenko and her robot dogs.

If you haven’t listened to a podcast before, it’s simple. The link will connect you to a page describing the episode. You can then click the MP3 link, and that will download the MP3 file for you to hear. Depending on how your computer is configured, this will either immediately open a media player, or it will prompt you to do something with the file.

Podcasts are a great hack for learning more about things while on the go. You can can download a bunch to a portable media player, or to a laptop, and take them on a plane flight with you. Burn a few to a CD for a road trip, or listen to them while you’re working on something at your desk. They make for a great way to consume interesting, targeted audio information.

Summer Projects – [Distributing the Future]

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