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Twitter, Facebook and social media in general have been talked about on the web for some time now and is a much talked about topic in the mainstream media recently. Although we have yet to add those wonderful icons that represent Facebook and Twitter on Stepcase Lifehack, we do have a presence in both Twitter and Facebook platforms and we want to let our readers know and invite you to join us on there.

Here’s quick run down of our channels:

@lifehackorg on Twitter
We are currently using the Stepcase Lifehack account on Twitter to notify our followers of new articles that are being published on Lifehack. If you haven’t yet subscribed to our RSS feed, follow us on Twitter to get the latest lifehack articles. We hope to use this channel to converse with our readers as well.

@stepcase on Twitter
Stepcase account provides company blog updates, news, upcoming products and support for our current line of Stepcase Apps. So if you want to learn more about Stepcase, stop by for a visit to our Hong Kong office or want to offer us feedback, follow this account and converse with the team in Hong Kong.

Stepcase Facebook fan page
Much like our @lifehackorg Twitter account, the Facebook fan page is currently aggregating articles from both the Stepcase company blog and Stepcase Lifehack blog. We are looking for ways to improve this to benefit our readers. If you have any suggestions, join us on Facebook and share your ideas with us.


See you guys there!

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