Staying Organized with Moleskine

moleskine pda

Kathy Sierra at Creating Passionate Users shares her organization system using Moleskine. Inspired by PigPog PDA Moleskine hack, she mixed and customized parts to fit her style. Overall the most useful part is how she separated her moleskine into different sections: Next Actions; Projects; Travel/Calendar; Notes; Health; Back Pocket. Also her reasons on using a moleskine instead of a cheap notebook is quite interesting:

2) There’s a theory that says you’ll place a higher value on something you’ve spent more money on, and this is a big part of it for me. I’m forever losing pens and cheap notepads, but this thing I treat a little more like my cell phone or–when I used one–my Palm PDA. This second reason might seem silly or trivial, but I believe it matters. Think about the fact that most people treat the things they’ve invested in with more care than cheaper disposable items.

Getting/Staying Organized: my Moleskine PDA – [Creating Passionate Users]

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