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Stay Cool Spritzer Trick

This is kind of a silly hack, but hey… we can be silly, right?

It’s hot here in the US right now, and any way people come up with to stay cool is very useful. Here’s a weird little hack that came from me dropping groceries, and my four-year-old daughter needing more attention.

Spritzer from Seltzer

We buy “fizzy water” at the grocery store each week, and this week, one of the bags ripped and threw the carbonated bottles to the pavement outside my building. One of the bottles got the tiniest punctures. I didn’t really notice.

Inside, while putting the bottles away, my daughter picked up the bottle with the tiny pinprick hole, and realized she had a pressurized spray gun. It threw a really tiny jet of water (very tiny), which resulted in a basic “misting” effect.

We quickly got annoyed by getting sprayed in the face, and told her to spray our necks instead. Wow! Instant nice cool relief.

How To

Take an unopened 1 litre bottle of carbonated water (make sure it’s plain or original flavor, so there’s nothing else in it). Use a needle or pin or maybe a thumbtack (not fully inserted) to make the tiniest of holes. You should now have a super tiny jet of water that will spray out as long as the bottle retains pressure.

Apply the misting stream to the back of your neck, your throat, your armpits, the backs of your knees, and all the other interesting pressure points you have.

Poof. Instant cooling action.

Come on, Make Magazine! Come get this hack!

–Chris Brogan is misted up and cool over at [].

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