Spreadsheet to help decision-making


Dwayne Melancon has developed a spreadsheet multi-choice, multi-factor decision. This is a spreadsheet he has developed ten years ago which helped his hiring decision. Now he have updated and tweaked it to suit general selection task for modern world. This is an example on how to use this spreadsheet:

… The spreadsheet contains tabs with three different styles of selection matrices. Each one has different “features” so figure out which one fits your purpose and tweak from there. Basically, you decide the key factors or attributes you’re evaluating, and the relative weighting of each factor. Input that stuff into whichever matrix you decide to use, and save it to a meaningful name.

Then, as you go through the selection process, score each person after you’ve interviewed them according to how well they compared to your ideal for each factor. At the end of the process, you can quickly and easily rank them based on the factors, or on an overall score based on the composite score from all factors…

So many choices, so little time… – [Genuine Curiosity]

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