Today I sat down and re-read the LetterJ’s article at Lifehack.Community on Spending Your Time and Money. This is a great read – very easy to understand what is behind his theory. Thinking time and money in big picture/long term is the key. He mentioned two key things that caught my eye. Drop down what you do (time) and how you spend your money (money), and analyze what did you spend on time and money and see your priority. This is a good way to repriorize yourself. If you have written your value, mission and goals for your life, it will be good comparsion on this and see if it is on the right track:

… To REALLY see how important things are to you, take the tracking numbers and consider them in annual, 5 year, 10 year or longer terms. For instance, ordering pizza for delivery (an expense up for chopping out of the budget in our house recently) runs $20-$25 or so for us and we were doing that about once a week. It wasn’t causing any sort of financial strain, but came up in a periodic budget logging. It isn’t much compared to our mortgage payment, etc. However, looking at it in annual terms leaves you with the question: Is delivered pizza a $1300/yr (an entire HDTV’s worth) value? Worth more than my truck over 5 years? Worth $26,000 if we keep the habit for 20 years? …

If you haven’t read it yet, go and read it.

Spending Your Time and Money – [LetterJ @ Lifehack.Community]

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