Speed Up Your Search with Top Bookmarklets


I am getting tired of using Firefox’s Search Bar. The effort is just too big. To search a word on a page, I need to: highlight and copy the text, move my mouse, select the search service, click on the textbox, paste the text and press enter. 5 steps for a search – Not a good deal.

Another alternative? I use bookmarklet. After you bookmarket those following bookmarklets, all you need to do is highlight the text on the web page and press the bookmarklet you want to search. Neat ah?

I want to feature number of popular searches here – all you need to do is drag the link onto your bookmark toolbar, or right click the link and click “Bookmark This Link…” (assuming you are using the browser, Firefox):

Search Bookmarklets

What other searches you do every day? How do you think of this? Leave us a comment.

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