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Steve Rubel in his blog has posted a set of great bookmarklets that preform a certain functions from your bookmark to the site you are visiting. Very handy tool. He introduced the follow bookmarklets with links:

* Post this to – select some text first and it gets excerpted in the summary
* Post this to and My Web – simultaneously send a link to Yahoo! My Web and
* Subscribe to this site on Bloglines
* Subscribe to this site on Newsgator
* Subscribe to this site on Google
* Wikipedia look-up – select some text and click this link and WIkipedia will look it up
* look-up – tells you who has bookmarked a page you’re reviewing
* Flickr look-up – search for multiple tags on Flickr, separated by commas
* Alexa this – will look up any site you’re visiting on Alexa, a great resource for statistics
* What’s similar? – searches Google for similar pages to the one you’re on
* BugMeNot – for news sites behind a registration gate
* TinyURL this – create a short URL for the page you’re visiting
* Bloglines this – see who has linked to a page on bloglines
* Technorati this – does the same for Technorati

All you need to do is drag those link into your favorites or bookmark menu. Go to his site and get those.

Bookmarklets Every Blogger Should Have – [Micro Persuasion]

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