If you want to publish a book, you have to be take care of some steps before actually start writing it. There is a good guide at SoYouWanna.com on how the process works. The best way to save effort on writing a book that no publisher (and probably readers too) want is to write a good proposal (very similar when open a new business), find an agent and submit through them to the publishing house:

… The first rule of getting a book published is to avoid writing a book. Whoa, what the hell are we talking about? Yes, it’s very counterintuitive, but the main goal of anyone who wants to publish a book is to land a literary agent, before spending years writing something nobody wants to read. (Of course, if you’re reading this SYW because you’ve already churned out a work of genius, don’t fear; go directly to 2. Prepare a proposal.) Let us explain: the literary world is a very closed community and the people who green light publication accept books only through very specific channels. Think about it: nobody could ever handle reading the mountains of spew that aspiring authors churn out all the time, so the system has established filters to weed out most of the garbage. You need to learn what the filters are and how to get through them. Namely, agents…

So you want to publish a book? – [SoYouWanna.com]

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