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We have some more materials online at -there are two more sections, Small Talk and Networking available. Those two pages are pretty handy if you are going to functions and conference where you need to talk to people. In Small Talk section, we have examples of icebreakers you could ask to open up the conversation. Networking page has some good tips on increasing your people network. Tips like:

* Use business cards. Make some of your own if you’re not networking on behalf of your employer. Clever doesn’t get you calls back. Being memorable and having a business card gets you calls.

* Be genuine. Never network just to collect cards and add names. That’s another whole model, but it’s not one that I’ll support. Be who you are.

* Think bigger than you imagine. Talk with people about things that you’re planning to do as if they’re already half done, but only if you’re pretty sure you can deliver.

Got your own favorite icebreaker questions, or small talk and networking tips? Get the free account and add them into the wiki!

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