Slow Leadership Survey and its initial results


Adrian Savage has a survey with feedback from readers on work and career. It is interesting to see his initial feedback on the survey:

… As organizations push harder to lower costs and boost productivity, the people who work for them are feeling ever greater strain. That’s the message that’s coming through clearly from a preliminary look at the survey I launched a week or so ago.

What is the single problem people find most critical?It’s finding time to think and plan and do my own work. 67% of people rate that currently as a “critical” or “essential” area for them. In the same vein, 53% say they’re feeling swamped by conficting demands; 43% say they’re not enjoying their jobs anymore; and 47% even say they’re unsure about what’s expected of me.

Bottomline is that many people are swamped with tasks which take all of the planning time. This is something that organizations have to realize.

Make sure to fill in Adrian Savage’s survey if you haven’t do so. By having more sample in the survey, Adrian will have stronger voice to echo the message across.

Slow Leadership Survey
First feedback from our survey – [Slow Leadership]

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