Slow Leadership Manifesto


If you have read our column by Adrian Savage on every Monday – you may already know that Adrian has found an alternative way of leadership and management approach – the Slow Leadership.

Leadership. Okay. But why slow? What does it really mean?

Adrian has released a ChangeThis manifesto to review what are the common brute force and short-term approach in corporations and introduces his idea, slow leadership, and how it affects the environment and success of a business:

Adrian Savage proposes a return to civilization and humanity in organizations. Does this sound something like your day at the office? You are driving on a rain-soaked freeway. The other cars are speeding past you. You speed up to stay in the flow, but your knuckles are white as you grip the wheel. Familiar? Here’s how to find the next exit.

Slow Leadership: Creating Civilized Organizations – [ChangeThis]

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