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'Sleeping on it' best for complex decisions

A research has suggested that complex decisions are best to work out with your unconscious mind. Gaia Vince at has noted that the research at University of Amsterdam in the Netherlands has showed too much thinking of a complex item will lead to wrong choice. It is good to sleep on it so your unconscious mind can weigh the pros and cons:

… “We found that when the choice was for something simple, such as purchasing oven gloves or shampoo, people made better decisions – ones that they remained happy with – if they consciously deliberated over the information,” says Dijksterhuis.

“But once the decision was more complex such as for a house, too much thinking about it led people to make the wrong choice. Whereas, if their conscious mind was fully occupied on solving puzzles, their unconscious could freely consider all the information and they reached better decisions.”…

‘Sleeping on it’ best for complex decisions – [New Scientist]

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