Six is the Magic Number


Jessie James Garrett gives us Six Design Lessons From the Apple Store, where he talks about the difference between experiences and artifacts, context, messaging, consistency, change, and the human element. Every single bit of this piece is a storm of microcontent for you to consider.

There’s a lot about the Apple Store experience that we can apply to the design of many other kinds of products — and a few lessons we can take from Apple’s missteps as well.

From Jessie, we move to an article on Disambiguity called The Six Species of Information Architect. This is a well-considered piece discussing the various roles and types of designers out there, from graphic and visual types, to producer/project manager types, to the reformed developer techie types, to a few more. Funny, because when I go back to count, there are seven types listed.

Given that IA as a profession is really only about 10yrs old (or at least, that’s the figure I hear bandied about), it makes sense that *most* IAs have a ‘past life’ of one kind or another. This has got me to thinking that there are probably about six different species of Information Architect, based on the kind of professional past life they’ve had (nor not).

Six Design Lessons from the Apple Store – [Adaptive Path]
Six Species of Information Architect – [Disambiguity via xBlog]

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