Becky McRay over at Small Business Survival likes to keep things real. In her new post, Simplified Marketing Plans for the Real World, Becky tackles a realistic way for small business owners (and Company of One types like you reading to manage their marketing tasks:

Simplified Marketing Plan Outline

  1. 1. Name and describe each market
  2. 2. Tell what methods you will use to reach them
  3. 3. Establish the cost in time and in money
  4. 4. Mesh this with your business plan

The plan is really simple. It has to be, so that you will actually take the time to think about it, create it, and then use it.

There’s a neat part down at the bottom talking about telephone call tracking. I copy/pasted that right away for use. The rest of the article is equally immediately useful. Check it out.

Simplified Marketing Plans for the Real World – [Small Business Survival]

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