Simple ways to make yourself far cleverer


There is a TV programme called Get Smarter in a Week, which I think it is a good show for us. The programme is about a test involving simple changes in our life, which will improve our brain function, and of course smarter.

I wouldn’t have a chance to watch the show as it will be airing in UK, but it is fascinating to see their ways on experimenting:

… When the production team did trial runs among 15 volunteers, who each followed a ‘get smarter’ regime for a week, they expected their guinea pigs would be about 10 per cent cleverer at the end of it. What they found was that some performed up to 40 per cent better than in the initial assessment. However, one man who had gone out on a stag night the evening before the second test found his score 20 per cent down – proving that alcohol damages mental function…

Also Guardian Unlimited has included a sample The Get Smarter Guide which are recommendations on little things that will improve their IQ. Each contestants will do those tips as much as possible during the week of testing. The sample has 7 quick tips, here is one:

Saturday: Brush your teeth with your ‘wrong’ hand and take a shower with your eyes closed.

Simple ways to make yourself far cleverer – [Guardian Unlimited]

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