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KoffeePhoto is a photo sharing web site. However, KoffeePhoto allows you unlimited, free storage space and it also has a mobile version designed for cellphones. Now you can take the photos of your kids out of the wallet, upload them to KoffeePhoto, and then when it’s time to show them off, fire up KoffeePhoto on your phone. KoffeePhoto also has some nice interface options like watching your photos in a slide show or making the photos full screen.

KoffeePhoto photo sharing solution offers unlimited and free storage for all your photos. Thanks to KoffeePhoto software and KoffeePhoto Web Space, your photos are always available to you from any connected computer, through a simple web browser or even on your connected PDA.

KoffeePhoto mobile is a further step in making your photos available to you anytime anywhere. KoffeePhoto mobile allows you to access your whole photo library from your mobile phone!

KoffeePhoto is brand new, so if you’re a first mover, give it a try and let us know what you think in the comments.

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