Erin Burt describes 7 less-obvious mistakes that can kill your career:

  • Procrastinating.
  • Having a sense of entitlement.
  • Settling into your job description.
  • Avoiding office politics.
  • Not being a team player.
  • Not dressing the part.
  • Failing to network.

Erin focuses this article onto young workers – as many of those mistakes are coming from inexperience. In particular, failing to network. Many people (included me in the past) think networking and engaging new contacts are only critical for getting a job. It is one of the benefits, but it also gives you ways to get know more about your industry, or latest trends outside of your business and company. It gives you more chances on getting new business opportunties for your company. You will open up with news ideas and get helpful insights for your existing project.

Seven Career Killers – [Kiplinger’s Personal Finance]

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