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GoFreeSMS is yet another new SMS service on the web. The difference is that it supports many countries around the world, and it also has a flashy interface (literally, it uses Flash 9). It also have some minor features like contact list, folders to track what you’ve sent and received. If you have a mobile phone with Flash Lite player, you could use its mobile version to send free SMS! The only tradeback is that when you send a message, you will need to watch a short video ad clip – but I don’t see it is a problem to support their service:

Quick start – send a TXT message from your PC

Sending a TXT message from gofreeSMS is easy! Assuming that you have logged with your USERNAME and PASSWORD, just enter the mobile phone number in the RECIPIENT field, type your message and click the SEND button. That’s it!

And to be sure that it has gone, check the DELIVERY status in the lower panel.

If you are experiencing difficulty, either sending or receiving a TXT message, just be sure of the following points:

(a) that you are using the full international prefix of the number that you are sending to. gofreeSMS works internationally, so you have to tag each number with the regional destination. As an example, if you are sending to a friend in Australia, you will need to prefix the number with a 61 and drop the leading zero, ie. 61411148500.

(b) gofreeSMS is an ad sponsored network. In other words, there needs to be a sponsor in your region to be able

to receive a gofreeSMS. No sponsor, no traffic! To get gofreeSMS to work in your region, help us get a local sponsor!

goFreeSMS – send free SMS from your PC or mobile phone

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