Sell Like a Pirate


The Remix Culture Rules!!! Over at Simplenomics, Mike has rewritten my (somewhat controversial) Work Like a Pirate post into a rework: Sell Like a Pirate. The advice is swell, especially considering I’m a cruddy salesperson and love to learn about it from those in the know. Here’s an example of one of Mike’s rewrites:

A Pirate Is Not His Ship – Your product or service is only the start. What you can do for or with the customer is the real product. Benefits are the reason we buy anything. I bought a new masonry drill bit because I wanted a hole thru my bricks for my Dish Network cable, not because I wanted the new drill bit.

Learn to sell the end result and not the features and you won’t spend as much time on each sale or worse, as much time lost on not selling.

Provided you’re in the camp who were willing to abstract the premise from history, please by all means, check out this interesting viewpoint regarding sales.

Sell Like a Pirate – [Simplenomics]

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