For searching some information type on the Web – such as time sensitive news and articles, you may be better off narrow it down to web journal format that specialize on this – Blogs. Normal Google search may not fit on this job because its results will include a whole bunch of other web sites. Jonathan Dube introduces a list of blog search engines that allow you to only search blogs on the web. He suggests Google Blog Search, Technorati and Yahoo! Blog Search are the best among many blog search engines. Here is what he writes about Google’s:

… Google released its first blog search engine earlier this month to great fanfare. It has quickly won converts, though some deride it for not returning as many search results as its main competitor, Technorati. But that’s not where Google Blog Search shines. Google Blog Search is the fastest of any of the blog searches, and it generally does the best job of returning posts that are right on topic. If you want to find blogs about a specific subject, Google Blog Search should be your first choice: at the top of the search results, it lists a generally on-topic list of “related blogs.”…

For me, I like Feedster – it is a pretty fast service with quick updates on latest entries. Do you use Blog search at all? If yes, why do you use it? Is it for your research, trend watching, or some other reasons?

Searching Blogs – [Poynter Online]

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