Say No to Pesky Email Threads


Merlin’s a genius, and you already read his site, so pardon me for pointing out the obvious, but I hadn’t caught up to this one yet.

Thanks. No. is a great idea where, when someone (usually a relative or a casual business acquaintance) sends you along a horrid email chain letter, a not-funny joke, or some equally obnoxious email clogger, you can reply and point the person to the Thanks. No. website.

The beauty is, it helps one say no gently and politely, and it reinforces that the person who invoked the service would still appreciate 1-on-1 conversations about actual topics, in lieu of joke mails. I currently do something similar in my own words, but if the issue persists, the person gets loaded into my spam filter. (Yes, I have relatives in my spam filter).

Check out the site.

Thanks No — [43Folders]

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