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Roundup: 11 Important Student Tips and Advices


On top of today’s interview with Michael Leddy – I want to round up number of great student tips and advices that Michael has given throughout the year. These articles get you around if you are a student – these advices are extremely valuable for your school years. Specifically, these articles could help you answer all these questions: How to start sucessfully as a freshman? Where to study? How to plan my school year? How to tackle my projects and papers? How to do well on exam?

  • Granularity for students
    Granularity is a tremendously useful strategy for students. The typical spiral-bound student-planner doesn’t seem to encourage it; that tool is often little more than a place to store due dates: “research paper due.”
  • Getting details right
    Here are a few details to get right, always, when you are writing for a college class.
  • Twenty uses for a Post-it Note
    Jot down less familiar keyboard shortcuts on a Post-it to keep by your computer.
  • New year’s resolutions
    Here’s a suggestion for the beginning of an academic year: Make and keep a resolution or two to address what’s really urgent in your academic life.
  • Five tips for success in college
    Here are Rachel Leddy’s tips for success in college
  • Writing by hand
    My evidence is only anecdotal, but it’s consistent enough to suggest that writing by hand may have several significant advantages for many student-writers
  • Homework-eating dogs, and how to avoid them
    “And then, when I tried to print my essay, it disappeared!”
  • A good place to study
    Find a good place to study and make it your own. The more time you spend in that place, the more it will become associated with the work of learning.
  • How to do well on a final examination
    Final examinations can indeed be scary stuff. Studying ahead of time and getting a good night’s sleep before an exam are two good ways to defuse stress and do well
  • How to talk to a professor
    While some professors are genuinely unapproachable, many are happy to talk to students. Here are five points to consider when you’re talking to a professor.
  • Rule 7 – Do the work
    The only rule is work. If you work, it will lead to something.

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