Revive a submerged cell phone


Anne has an experience where she dropped her phone in the toilet – the worse thing you could do on your phone. The phone didn’t work but she tried to revive it using the oven and blow dryer and the phone life has been extended for a period of time. Try this at your own risk of course but if your phone is not working already then i don’t think you have anything to lose :)

No. I took the phone home, removed the battery and put it in the oven for a good bake on the “warm” setting, followed by a half hour in front of the blow dryer. It sprang back to life. I thought that was pretty cool, although the first friend I called wanted to know if I’d washed the phone before dialing. I guess he was worried about getting toilet germs in his ear.

Thanks Anne for the tips!

My Phone: a Memorial – [I Had an Idea This Morning]

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