EditGrid is an online spreadsheet application, similar to the highly touted Google Spreadsheets and widely used Microsoft Excel. With a week of EditGrid usage under my belt, I can say that I am considerably more impressed by EditGrid than Google Spreadsheets. From the very get go, EditGrid is refreshing. The first thing I love is that you can register without giving your email address. Obviously there would be some repercussions if you ever lost your password, but in a world where I never forget my passwords and I am forced to give my email address to every single site I join, EditGrid’s email-free registration is incredibly refreshing.

How does EditGrid compare to Microsoft Excel and Google Spreadsheets? If you’re sick of the price tag that comes with Microsoft Office, or if you prefer web-based applications (like myself), then EditGrid is exactly what you want. EditGrid has enough features for the regular Excel user including over 500 functions, and just under 40 different types of graphs and charts. EditGrid is compatible with all common spreadsheet formats including Excel, CSV, Open Office, Gnumeric, and Lotus, and with EditGrid you can share your documents exactly as you can with Google Spreadsheets. EditGrid supports spreadsheet formating, multiple sheets per workbook and much, much more.

EditGrid SpreadSheet

What is the absolute best aspect of EditGrid? You can embed your spreadsheet in a normal web page. In a fashion that is conceptually similar to embedding a Youtube video on a web page, you can embed your spreadsheet into a web page and allow the spreadsheet to be edited by the visitors of your site. For all of you with big imaginations out there, EditGrid can be used to spawn some serious multi-user collaboration. In order to demonstrate this functionality, take a look at the embedded spreadsheet at this page.

Simply put, I believe EditGrid is a robust web-based spreadsheet application available today.

EditGrid – More than Spreadsheets

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