Rethink Your Workspace


Gretchen Rubin is back with her Wednesday helpful idea. This time, it’s a quiz to see if your workspace is driving you nuts. Based on her readings from within the book, A PATTERN LANGUAGE, Gretchen identifies a bunch of things that will ensure you have a workspace that you consider peaceful. Here are a few:

  • there’s a wall behind you (so no one can sneak up behind you).
  • there’s a wall to one side (too much openness makes you feel exposed).
  • there’s no blank wall within 8 feet in front of you (or you have no place to rest your eyes).
  • you work in at least 60 square feet (or you feel cramped).

It’s a neat list, and Gretchen writes up a great summary.

Is Your Workspace Driving You Crazy? – [The Happiness Project]

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