If you don’t want your web page or material online to be indexed by Google, which is reachable by anyone on the planet. What should you do? In Google Hacks by O’Reilly, they got a detailed article on how to avoid to be index, or ways to remove pages if it is already indexed:

… Once you implement these changes, Google will remove or limit your content according to your META tags and robots.txt file the next time your web site is crawled, usually within a few weeks. But if you want your materials removed right away, you can use the automatic remover at http://services.google.com:8882/urlconsole/controller. You’ll have to sign in with an account (all an account requires is an email address and a password). Using the remover, you can request either that Google crawl your newly created robots.txt file, or you can enter the URL of a page that contains exclusionary META tags…

Removing Your Materials from Google – [O’Reilly Google Hacks]

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