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Remove Logos from your PDA with Sugar

Brand Removal

This is an easy hack where you can remove any logo from your PDA or cellphone – like the branding logo from your service provider. The key is to use sugar cube to firmly rub on the logo. The sugar crystals are strong enough to remove the logo, but it is not strong enough to scratch the metal case.

Disclaimer: Use this hack at your own risk, and do not try on any plastic covers.

This instructable is to show you how easy it is to remove some unwanted logo’s from cell phones and other plastic / metal products. The logo has to be of the type glued onto the surface rather then etched in (which generally is the case 90% of the time) as we will scratch them off. There are many ways which you can go about this from fingernails, to pin, but there is one trick, which i have tested and will show you…


The key is to scratch of the logo without leaving and marks on the surface of the phone (in my case PDA). Sugar works perfectly. The idea of using sugar is admittedly not my own. I first came across it on the following forum. Yet, I was not sure whether it actually works, and how to go about it. So I just decided to do it: and the results are good. Apparently the sugars -crystals are strong enough to remove the logo (sticker) but too soft to scratch the casing leaving it thus unscathed.

How to remove Logos from your PDA / cell phone with sugar – [Instructable via Dumb Little Man]

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