Our reader, Omar has sent me a new regarding a task management that launched today. It is called Remember The Milk. Yes it is another online todo list services, but it is pretty soild on the features. Here is how Omar describes the service:

Remember the Milk

It’s an online to-do list management system with an innovative tabbed
interface for managing multiple to-do lists. It has all the features
you’d expect (priorities, due dates, time estimates, repeating tasks,

  • Receive reminders via email, instant messenger, and SMS
  • Share and publish to-do lists (Example)
  • Add tasks via email, and send tasks to other users
  • Enter due dates in English (e.g. ‘Tomorrow, ‘Tuesday at 7pm’)
  • Printable weekly planner and quick view of upcoming and overdue tasks
  • iCalendar and Atom support
  • Keyboard shortcuts

Remember the Milk – [Hat Tip to Omar]

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