Phil B. at Phil for Humanity suggests that increase mouse sensitivity will not only increase your productivity because your mouse will travel faster, and also it will reduce possible carpel tunnel syndrome.

I once had very bad carpel tunnel syndrome. So bad, in fact, that I was not able to use the computer at all. I admit that it was because I was playing computers games too much (about 12 hours a day for at least a week). So using my other hand, I adjusted my computer mouse sensitivity to be so fast that I hardly need to move my wrist at all. Now, I only have to move the mouse about an inch to move the mouse pointer completely from one side of the screen to the opposite side (same for top and bottom), therefore I mostly only move my fingers when moving the mouse. Thus, I am almost not using my wrist at all and aggravating my carpel tunnel syndrome.

For me, I always use as high mouse sensitivity as possible, plus I use a wireless and laser mouse to use as little affect on moving the mouse as possible. I highly recommend it if you can bear the speed.

Relieving Carpel Tunnel Syndrome and Increasing Computer Productivity – [Phil for Humanity]

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