Register Windows Live Mail Beta for Free with no Invite


A user in NeoWin forum posted a way to change your Hotmail account to Windows Live Mail without any invitation. The original post is down, so here are the instructions. It works quite a charm reported as of the time of this post:

  1. Sign out from your hotmail account
  2. Important: Use this link to login into your regular hotmail account
  3. (Right Click on the URL -> Copy Link Location)

  4. After logged into your regular hotmail account, copy and paste the URL in step 2 again
  5. You should see the Windows Live Mail Beta Join Page, press Join Mail Beta! and you should see the new interface of Windows Live Mail.

If you are using Firefox, make sure you have changed your User Agent of the browser to Internet Explorer, or use IE Tab to embed an Internet Explorer instance into Firefox.

If it does not work, make sure you have signed out from hotmail before step 2 (or this exploit maybe fixed).

NeoWin [via Some Fool: Get Windows Live Mail! for free – no invite needed!]

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