Reduce Your Workload in One Minute

chopping wood

I’ve got so much to do! What do you do??

Chop some wood!

This little tip to cutting down that dense forest of a workload is based on the idea that once you get started, you’re almost finished.

1. List out everything you have to do today (or this week etc).

2. Now, like juiced-up bald ostrich going down that list:
Spend one minute tackling each task.

What happens is once you’ve begun the task, it removes that notion of it being so difficult or distant. Now, it’s so much easier to keep going.

The final tip is the clincher, though. Don’t just list everything willy nilly. Begin with the most important, MUST DO, items and then onto the not needed immediately todo’s.

How to Reduce Your Workload in 1 Minute – [Trizle]

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