I’ve recently struck up a friendship with a guy who works for About.com. My first thought when he told me this was, ‘They’re still around?’ He mentioned that he gets that a lot.

His site had to do with podcasting, and it was a lot of reference material, tied to a bunch of articles. There’s a lot to look at, and it takes your eye a little while to navigate, but it’s clear that there’s lots of information on his site.

So, I thought about Lifehack.org readers, and decided to see what else might be of use on their site for you (in case you’re not a podcaster):

Their site is still very Web 1.0, and navigation around to the various portals was a pain. But I did re-establish lots of links to interesting and useful articles on a variety of topics. If you spent a short while plumbing, you might find something of value to your own personal needs.

What do you think?

About.com — [via John Havens]

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