Re-read a book in less than 15 minutes


Stefanos Karagos at Anabubula shows a great way to re-read a book in less than 15 minutes? How is it possible? He invests his time during his reading time by dropping his notes into a mindmap. Mindmap is great to recall on knowledge and memories. Quoted from Wikipedia:

Scholarly research by Farrand, Hussain, and Hennessy (2002) found that the mind map technique had a limited but significant impact on recall only, in undergraduate students (a 10% increase over baseline for a 600-word text only) as compared to preferred study methods (a −6% increase over baseline). This improvement was only robust after a week for those in the mind map group, and there was a significant decrease in motivation compared to the subjects’ preferred methods of note taking. They suggested that learners preferred to use other methods because using a mind map was an unfamiliar technique, and its status as a “memory enhancing” technique engendered reluctance to apply it [4]. Pressley, VanEtten, Yokoi, Freebern, and VanMeter (1998) found that learners tended to learn far better by focusing on the content of learning material rather than worrying over any one particular form of note taking

As a bonus, Stefanos also includes an example of a book mindmap, Guy Kawasaki’s The Art of the Start, in the post. If you’ve read the book, you can test immediately if the mindmap helps you.

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