Re-Evaluate Your Goals

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Founder of Risktaking for Success, Dee McCorey, has shared with us the questionaire she uses when dealing with clients who need to make a big decision about their goals:

To persist or reinvent?

Ask yourself these 10 questions and explore whether you might be pushing against a slab of wood with a lock and a peephole that won’t budge or whether it makes sense to hang in there and just try something different.

  • 1 What barriers and roadblocks are in the way of achieving your goal?
  • 2 What 3 actions have you taken in the last week to move your goal forward?
  • 3 Do you sense that your original goal might be flawed?
  • 4 Do you struggle with the execution of your goal?
  • 5 What resources have you tapped to meet your current challenge?
  • 6 Does your original goal still put “color in your cheeks” when you think about it?
  • 7 Do you sense that something “bigger” is missing from your original goal?
  • 8 What small thing could you do today to rejuvenate your original goal and rekindle the passion of the past?
  • 9 Does boredom factor into whether or not to continue pursuing your goal?
  • 10 If money wasn’t an issue, would you still pursue your original goal?

The final question has been an important one for me and maybe a hard one for many people. What if money is your only goal?

Persistence or Reinvention? 10 Ways to Explore Your Direction – [the Corporate Entrepreneur] Via [TroyWorman]

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