Quick Reading Hack When Time is Short


One of my favorite bloggers, Bert Webb has introduced his quick and dirty way on getting through his piles of reading. He uses the 80/20 rules and apply this rule to his method of quick reading. First he identifies the 20% of the words that contains 80% of the content. Then he comes up with a plan of 10 sections on the books. Here are five sections which are the most important in my opinion:

1. Read the title of the material.
2. Read the introduction.
3. Read the Table of Contents.
4. Flip through the material, scanning the chapter titles and sub-headings. Note the words that stand out as bold, different colors, underlined, or italicized.
5. Look at the illustrations and captions. Look at the charts and diagrams. Read the pull-quotes and sidebars.

A Quick and Dirty Reading Strategy When Time is Short – [Open Loops]

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