One of my favorite bloggers, Bert Webb has introduced his quick and dirty way on getting through his piles of reading. He uses the 80/20 rules and apply this rule to his method of quick reading. First he identifies the 20% of the words that contains 80% of the content. Then he comes up with a plan of 10 sections on the books. Here are five sections which are the most important in my opinion:

1. Read the title of the material.
2. Read the introduction.
3. Read the Table of Contents.
4. Flip through the material, scanning the chapter titles and sub-headings. Note the words that stand out as bold, different colors, underlined, or italicized.
5. Look at the illustrations and captions. Look at the charts and diagrams. Read the pull-quotes and sidebars.

A Quick and Dirty Reading Strategy When Time is Short – [Open Loops]

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