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John at Success Begins Today has introduced an idea of Quadraphasic Living which is building an idea from his dad on a sleeping habit. He has divided the day into four sections. Between Morning, Afternoon, and Evening section he has two 15 minutes naps in between. He found that the naps can improve alertness and productivity by 30 to 40 percent:

… I’ve been testing this idea and doing some research on different sleep patterns. It seems that my dad was on to something. Researchers have found that taking a midday nap of 15 to 20 minutes can improve alertness and productivity by 30 to 40 percent over those who did not sleep. The effects are the same for an evening nap. And the results improve over time. Research showed greater improvement after 5 days of consistent napping than at the beginning.

This is actually pretty easy to do for most people. The key is to have a quiet place to sleep and a timer to awake you at the end of 15 minutes. I find that I can go home for lunch or rest in my car. The evening nap is a little easier as I can do it after I get home. I have tested different sleeping times and found that 15 minutes works best for me. Make sure that you wake up promptly as a nap over 30 minutes will leave you feeling very sleepy…

Quadraphasic Living – [Success Begins Today]

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